3 Tips To Being The Best Second Shooter for Weddings

Wedding season is upon us! Here in the South we have pretty good weather all year 'round, which means that wedding season comes a little bit earlier for us than it does for most other regions. January is usually a slow month, but with February comes more amazing weddings so I thought I'd do a post on what primary shooters are looking for in a second shooter, and how to be the second that the primary keeps around for the long haul. Here are my top 3 tips.




Keeping it professional is always a good way to go, and just an obvious element. Things like: being on time, bringing backup memory cards and batteries, making sure your gear is working and in check, and shooting on a camera with dual card slots are a given.  You should also do your best to memorize the schedule! It's almost inevitable that someone in the wedding party or family will ask you, "Where do I need to be right now?" at any point during the day... & you want to be able to help them! A huge part of being a killer second is to be a team player.  Not only does memorizing the schedule make everything easier on yourself and your primary, but it helps keep everyone else on track too. Plus the planners will totally love you for being like, the one other person who actually knows what the f is going on.    


It's totally important for the primary to deliver a seamless gallery from the wedding you shoot with them. Emulate their style and figure out what they like ahead of time.  If their style is more dark, then do not shoot overexposed images! Do some research by checking out their blog or calling them before the wedding and straight up asking. You don't always have to shoot exactly like the primary - we love when our seconds get creative! Most primaries also don't mind if you want to shoot an image or two for your portfolio, so go ahead and feel free to get a few images for yourself after you've made the images you need to make for the primary photographer. 


It's no secret that wedding days are filled to the brim with every emotion possible & I love when my second shooters really join in and become another friend to the couple. Being overly professional AKA "stuffy" makes people feel awkward and like they have to be perfect, which is NOT what we're going for! If we want them to be real and genuine, then we must lead the way.  Getting in with the bride and groom and experiencing their day with them is part of what makes being a photographer so amazing.  I can't tell you how many times I've teared up during a first look or laughed till I cried with the groomsmen! Don't be afraid to let loose a little and have fun.