Anna & Torey's Engagements // Love & Emotion workshop

Sunday, Mark Eric held his awesome Love & Emotion workshop at Melady House in Alexandria, Louisiana. I often shoot for Mark's brand so I decided to go to meet new photographer friends, hang out with old ones, and learn from everyone! We had a total blast and some AMAZING sets to photograph. 

When we all got settled in, Mark told us that he'd be shooting a real engagement session for one of his clients.  I had no idea this was happening when his wife, Heather, recruited me to shoot some frames as well. Little did she know, she was throwing me into the deep end! This was my first workshop and I am a people watcher by nature until I can get a feel for everything. & now, right off the bat, she wants me to shoot in front of 35 other photographers, & for an actual client!? AH. 
But that's one of the things I love about Heather. You can be a nervous wreck and she's still bouncing around forcing you to get in there and take charge. She's pretty balls to the wall & watching her taught me to be more assertive in my approach. I still take time to hang out in the background during weddings & events, but now I do take the initiative to work with the couple/subject to create the images I want.  (*Also, a pro tip for shooting with Heather.... she talks a lot while she shoots. When I learned to shut my mouth (I like to talk to...heh) and listen to her, I learned a LOT.)

Anyway, all of that aside, here are the couple photos I shot in my style & edited for me. Of course I worked in Mark's style too. None of those shots are pictured here, but maybe one or two will make it onto Mark's blog! I can't wait to see what Heather does with em ;-)

ALSO a special thanks of course goes to Mark, for all of the opportunity and knowledge he continuously gives me. I am so thankful for you!