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hey y'all, I'm Brei! I live in sweet Savannah, Ga in a quaint cottage with my boyfriend and our two dogs! I love sharing stories, road trips, the ocean, and basically anything that will get me to a place I've never experienced before.  I've had a camera in my hand since I was young but at first never considered having an actual profession as a "real" professional photographer as an actual option - I even majored in Biology! Then I saw the way the photography industry was going and it broke my heart.  With social media came the rise of photographs with no real meaning and the rise of a generation who were "Friends", but never truly connected.

So I created a business that reconnects lovers, friends, and families back to all the things they love most about each other, and about themselves. I believe photography is about showcasing your emotion, passion, JOY, connection, and intimacy... It's the warmth in your hug, the admiration in your eyes, and the way you laugh and cry with each other.

The relationships we have with our friends, our family.... it is everything. The photographs created are not only gorgeous, but they serve as a celebration of who our loved ones are at their best and how lucky we are to have them in our lives. It makes me feel so lucky to know that I am able to give people this gift.

These photos are the soul... the love... the celebration of who you are together, surrounded by the people you love most.

And that's what you want photos of.


your love is not mediocre
your wedding photography shouldn't be either